2023 New Years' Kyusha Meet

2023 New Years' Kyusha Meet


Early bird gets the worm, in this case prime parking at this year's New Year's Kyusha meet hosted by the Moonlight Runners. A team of automotive fabricators & enthusiasts building old school Japanese cars from the golden era of Bozosokus & Kaido Racers.





Enthusiasts alike rose up the crack of dawn to meet up at 6am this morning at Bolsa Chica Beach, California. I myself arrived 8am. 



It's great to see a collective of enthusiasts come together with common bond and love for these amazing cars.



I look forward to completing my own personal '86 MX73 Toyota Cressida and be able to join the rest.



 Enjoy a few slideshows below showing rest of the photo recap of the event.





















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